Cleanpoxy 3100 – White

When it comes to enhancing and protecting surfaces, the right top coat can make all the difference. Enter Noroo Cleanpoxy 3100, a solvent-based top coat designed to deliver unparalleled brilliance and durability for a variety of applications.



Kit size:
16 L
Optimal coverage:
10 m²/L

High-Gloss Finish: Cleanpoxy 3100 is your secret to achieving a stunning, high-gloss finish that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your surfaces, leaving a lasting impression.

Exceptional Durability: This top coat is engineered to withstand the test of time. It forms a protective shield that offers enhance protection against stains, chemical spills, abrasions, UV damage, moisture, and the rigors of daily use, ensuring longevity.

Solvent-Based Efficiency: The solvent-based formulation ensures efficient coverage application and rapid drying, allowing you to complete your projects while staying under budget.

Versatile Application: Cleanpoxy 3100 adapts to your needs, making it suitable for both residential and commercial projects. It is used in a variety of Noroo systems including both light and heavy duty floor coating systems.

Thin Coat Application: A key advantage of using solvent based epoxy is the reduced profile, as the epoxy sets it reduces in size, leaving behind a slim yet strong film.

Shipping information

The shipping of dangerous good requires additional safety precautions, as such they can incur an increased shipping fee in regional deliveries.

Shipping category
Dangerous goods shipping
19.85 kg
30 cm
50 cm
30 cm

Cure times

Set to touch
1 hour
Dry through
8 hours
Overcoat min/max
8 hours – 15 days

Ratio calculations

Ratio by volume

Current ratio: 2:1
: 1
[volume_input] * ([ratio_volume]/([ratio_volume] +1))
[volume_input] - [resin_volume]

Ratio by weight

Current ratio: 2.78:1
: 1
[weight_input] * ([ratio_weight]/([ratio_weight] +1))
[weight_input] - [resin_weight]

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