Coloured Water-Based Tint

Q-Coat Coloured Water-Based Sealer Tint offers you a massive range of customisation when it comes to colouring your concrete surfaces. This unique tinting solution, designed for water-based sealers, gives you the ability to create bespoke colours for your flooring project.



Kit size:
1 L

Unlimited Customisation: The Q-Coat Water-Based Coloured Tint is always made custom to each order, empowering you to create unique floors with an almost unlimited colouring potential.

Water-Based Brilliance: Formulated for water-based sealers, this tint seamlessly blends with your sealer of choice, offering both colour and protection in a water-friendly solution.

Made to Order: Tailor your tinted sealer to your exact specifications. Every order is a fresh opportunity to bring your envisioned colour to reality. Ask us today about what colours we can make for you.

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1.8 kg
11 cm
14 cm
11 cm

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