Concrete Countertop Sealer

Elevate your concrete countertops to new heights with Alpha Concrete Countertop Sealer, a water-based food safe formula that sets the standard for protection and aesthetics. Specially crafted to provide an invisible shield, this sealer not only enhances the natural beauty of your countertops but also offers outstanding resistance against abrasions.



Kit size:
1 L
Optimal coverage:
18-20 m²/L

Water-Based Aliphatic-Polyurethane Formula: Alpha’s advanced formulation ensures easy application with a water base, allowing you to protect your countertops without compromising on environmental consciousness.

Food Safe Surface: Alpha’s food safe formula helps ensure your peace of mind when preparing food. Increased stain resistance from coffee rings to cooking oils, maintain the pristine look of your surfaces.

Abrasion-Resistant Brilliance: Say goodbye to wear and tear. Alpha’s abrasion resistance preserves the brilliance of your countertops, ensuring they withstand the daily grind with grace.

Enhanced Aesthetics: This sealer doesn’t just protect; it enhances. Enjoy a subtle sheen that brings out the richness of your concrete, highlighting its unique texture and character.

Versatile Application: Whether you have a polished or decorative concrete countertop, Alpha is designed for versatile compatibility, ensuring comprehensive protection for various styles.

Shipping information

Shipping category
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1.45 kg
11.5 cm
22.5 cm
11.5 cm

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