Crete-Lease 880

Our Crete-Lease 880 is a cutting-edge concrete form release agent designed for optimal performance. This advanced formulation ensures a clean, stain free and smooth release from forms, contributing to the efficiency and quality of your concrete casting. Crete-Lease 880 is your assurance of hassle-free formwork and impeccable concrete surfaces.



Effortless Form Release: Crete-Lease 880 provides a reliable and effortless release, minimising the risk of surface blemishes and ensuring the integrity of your concrete forms.

Clean and Stain-Free Finishes: Crete-Lease 880 promotes clean releases, leaving your concrete surfaces free from residue and imperfections.

Versatile Compatibility: Whether you’re working with wood, steel, or plastic forms, Crete-Lease 880 offers versatile compatibility, adapting to various form materials with consistent performance.

Increased Form Life: The use of Crete-Lease 880 not only benefits your concrete surfaces but also extends the life of your forms by reducing wear and tear during the release process.

Improved Concrete Surface Quality: Achieve impeccable concrete surface quality with each use of Crete-Lease 880, ensuring that your projects meet the highest standards of craftsmanship.

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