DR-100 Epoxy Thinner

When it comes to working with epoxy primers and coatings, achieving the right consistency is key.

Using an epoxy thinner makes coating applications easier and produces a better bubble free level result.



Our DR-100 epoxy thinner made by Noroo is designed with epoxy application in mind, designed with a range of features ideal for tradies who are applying the coating.

Enhanced Flow: The epoxy thinner is expertly formulated to improve the flow of epoxy resin, reducing viscosity and allowing for even, bubble-free pouring and coating.

Compatible with Epoxy: Designed for use with epoxy resin, this thinner maintains the integrity of your epoxy projects while enhancing their performance.

Easy to Use: Mixing the epoxy thinner is a straightforward process, and it integrates seamlessly with your epoxy resin, making it easy to achieve the perfect blend.

Enhanced Clarity: The thinner promotes epoxy clarity and self-leveling properties, ensuring your final results are both stunning and professional.

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The shipping of dangerous good requires additional safety precautions, as such they can incur an increased shipping fee in regional deliveries.

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