DR-700 Urethane Thinner

Meet DR-700L Urethane Thinner, a reliable solution crafted for diluting urethane paints. With a focus on practicality and performance, this high-quality conventional thinner ensures precision without unnecessary embellishments.



Formulated for Precision: DR-700L’s formulation is geared towards the nuanced needs of urethane paints, providing a straightforward and effective thinning process.

Balanced Dilution: Achieve a balanced and controlled dilution process, maintaining the integrity of urethane paints without unnecessary complexity.

Shipping information

The shipping of dangerous good requires additional safety precautions, as such they can incur an increased shipping fee in regional deliveries.

Shipping category
Dangerous goods shipping
14.3 kg
23 cm
34.5 cm
23 cm

Material safety data sheet

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