Epoxy Colour Tints



Unleash your creativity with Epoxy Colour Tints, vibrant pigments designed to add a spectrum of colors to your epoxy projects. Whether you’re crafting artful designs or enhancing functional surfaces, these tints offer a world of possibilities.

Kit size:
0.5 L

Rich Pigmentation: Elevate your epoxy surfaces using rich and vivid colors, enhancing the visual appeal of your projects.

Versatile Application: From intricate art pieces to functional surfaces, Epoxy Colour Tints adapt effortlessly to a range of epoxy applications.

Mixing Mastery: Achieve your desired hues by easily blending these tints with epoxy, giving you full control over the color palette.

Custom Colour Options: We can create custom colours on request, simply talk to us about what colour would best suit your project and we’ll take care of the rest. Visit our showroom for more inspiration.

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0.85 kg

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