Iron Oxides



Discover the simplicity and authenticity of Iron Oxides, essential pigments designed to be seamlessly integrated into the concrete mixing process. These natural pigments infuse your concrete projects with earthy tones, adding depth and character to your surfacing projects.

Natural Earth Tones: Embrace the beauty of natural earth tones as Iron Oxides bring a grounded and authentic aesthetic to your concrete mixes.

Mixing Versatility: Easily blend these pigments into your concrete mix, providing you with the flexibility to achieve a range of warm and inviting colours.

Durable Hue Retention: Enjoy long-lasting color vibrancy as Iron Oxides exhibit excellent resistance to fading, ensuring the enduring beauty of your concrete creations.

Versatile Application: Can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications, such as building construction, arts and crafts, coatings, and mortars.

Table of jar weights

Different colours have different weights in their jar sizes, this table will help you identify the amount of material that comes with any given jar.

Small jars Medium jars Large jars
Bright yellow 0.3kg 0.7kg 1.5kg
Deep red 0.8kg 1.8kg 3kg
Light brown 0.7kg 1.6kg 2.5kg
Light terracotta 0.4kg 1kg 2kg
Marigold 0.35kg 0.9kg 2kg
Sandstone 0.45kg 1kg 2kg
Supreme black 0.8kg 2kg 3kg
Dark brown 0.8kg 2kg 3kg
Chrome green 1kg
Cobalt blue 1kg
Brightener white 1kg

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