Silver Brazed Grinding Wheel Satellite TPG – 250mm

When it’s time to achieve precision in your grinding tasks, our Silver Brazed Grinding Wheel Satellite TPG is the tool of choice.

This specialized grinding wheel is designed for efficient applications, ensuring superior control and top-notch results.



Kit size:
2.35 kg

Satellite TPG Design: The unique Satellite TPG configuration of diamond segments provides exceptional control and precision, delivering perfectly ground surfaces with minimal effort.

Silver Brazed Bond: The diamond segments are expertly bonded to the wheel using a silver brazing process, guaranteeing unmatched strength and durability, even under intensive use.

Versatile Application: Whether you’re grinding concrete, stone, or other materials, this wheel is adaptable, offering consistent performance across a variety of high-precision projects.

Ultimate Precision: The Satellite TPG design ensures that you achieve exact and smooth results, making it perfect for tasks that require absolute precision.

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