Q-Coat Concrete Surface Retarder

Unlock the beauty of exposed aggregate finishes with our Concrete Surface Retarder, a specialised solution that provides precise control over the setting time of concrete. This innovative formula allows you to achieve stunning exposed aggregate surfaces by selectively delaying the setting of the concrete. Whether you’re crafting decorative pathways, architectural features, or custom concrete elements, Concrete Surface Retarder is your key to achieving exceptional aesthetics with ease.



Kit size:
20 L
Optimal coverage:
3-5 m²/L

Selective Surface Retardation: Concrete Surface Retarder selectively delays the setting of the concrete at the surface, allowing for easy removal to expose aggregate for decorative finishes.

Exposed Aggregate Aesthetics: Craft visually appealing surfaces with exposed aggregates, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your concrete projects.

Customisable Finishes: Achieve a range of exposed aggregate finishes by adjusting application time and thickness, giving you the flexibility to meet design specifications.

User-Friendly Application: The easy-to-use formula ensures a hassle-free application process, providing a smooth and consistent surface for exposed aggregate results.

Versatile Use: Suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications, expanding the scope of decorative possibilities in architectural and landscaping projects.

Shipping information

Shipping category
Standard shipping
21 kg
28 cm
35 cm
28 cm

Material safety data sheet

Technical data sheet

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