Vapour Block

Introducing Vapour Block, a cutting-edge water based fluid, engineered to combat the challenges of rapid concrete drying, especially in the Australian sun. This innovative formula acts as a protective shield, slowing down the drying process on the concrete surface to ensure optimal curing. Whether you’re working on expansive construction projects or intricate details, Vapour Block is your ally against the elements, ensuring the concrete cures uniformly for superior strength and longevity.



Kit size:
20 L

Efficient Moisture Retardation: Vapour Block efficiently retards the evaporation of moisture from fresh concrete, maintaining the necessary water content for optimal curing.

Ideal for Hot and Windy Conditions: Tailored for use in challenging weather conditions, especially when high temperatures and wind can accelerate concrete drying.

Uniform Curing: Ensures uniform curing across the concrete surface, minimising the risk of surface cracking and improving the overall strength of the finished structure.

Water-Based Formula: The water-based nature of Vapour Block makes it environmentally friendly and easy to apply without introducing harmful solvents.

Versatile Application: Suitable for various concrete applications, including slabs, pavements, and vertical surfaces, providing flexibility in construction projects.

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