Q-Coat Water Based Sealer

Q-Coat Water Based Sealer is your go-to solution for advanced water-based sealing. This revolutionary water-based sealer features a self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion, setting the standard for protection and performance. Whether you’re sealing driveways, patios, or interior floors, Q-Coat is an ideal low VOC surfacing material for a low odour application.



Kit size:
20 L

Self-Crosslinking Power: Q-Coat Water Based Sealer harnesses the power of a self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion, forming a robust and durable seal that goes beyond conventional water-based sealers.

Water-Based Brilliance: Enjoy the benefits of water-based technology, ensuring eco-friendly application and easy cleanup without compromising on sealing effectiveness.

Enhanced Durability: The self-crosslinking formulation contributes to enhanced durability, providing a resilient barrier against wear, weathering, and environmental elements.

Low Odour Application: Suitable for a wide range of concrete surfaces, especially great for liquid limestone and limestone pavers. Q-Coat Water Based Sealer produces almost no odour during application.

Colour and Clarity Retention: Preserve the colour and clarity of your concrete surfaces. Q-Coat’s Water Based sealer’s advanced formulation is a naturally low sheen product.

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