Water Reducer

Our Alpha Water Reducer is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance fluidity, strength, and durability of your concrete mixes and minimises pinholes. This water-reducing admixture is your key to achieving a precisely tuned concrete mixture, ensuring ease of placement, and increased overall performance.



Optimised Workability: Alpha Water Reducer enhances the workability of your concrete mix, making it more fluid and easier to place and finish, which in turn will minimise pinholes.

Increased Strength: Achieve higher compressive strength with the optimised cement hydration. Reducing your need to rely on water for increasing fluidity

Superior Finishability: Experience a smoother and more consistent finish on your concrete surfaces, whether you’re pouring floors, slabs, or decorative elements.

Reduced Water Content: Alpha effectively reduces the water content needed for your concrete mix, maintaining its strength while minimising the risk of shrinkage, cracking, and voids.

Versatile Applications: Suitable for a wide range of concrete projects, from large-scale infrastructure to intricate architectural designs, offering versatility in mix design.

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