X280 – Densi-Proof Reo Protect

Preserve the strength and longevity of your concrete structures with X280 Densi-Proof Reo Protect, an advanced inorganic binder meticulously crafted to prevent corrosion. Specifically engineered for reinforced concrete, this innovative solution not only strengthens but actively shields against the corrosive impact of various environmental factors.



Kit size:
15 L
Optimal coverage:
5 m²/L

Corrosion Prevention: X280 Densi-Proof Reo Protect forms a robust barrier, preventing the onset of corrosion in reinforced concrete structures.

Inorganic Formulation: With an inorganic composition, this binder offers enhanced resistance to weathering, chemicals, and UV exposure, ensuring reliable protection.

Reinforced Concrete Strength: Tailored for reinforced concrete, X280 Densi-Proof Reo Protect not only prevents corrosion but reinforces the structural integrity of your concrete.

Long-Term Durability: Ensure the extended life of your concrete structures by actively defending against corrosion and its potentially damaging effects.

Versatile Application: Suitable for a variety of reinforced concrete applications, from bridges to building foundations, offering versatile protection against corrosion.

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Shipping category
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17.2 kg
28 cm
29 cm
28 cm

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