X550 – Carpark Warehouse

Transform your concrete surfaces into enduring structures with X550 Carpark Warehouse, our advanced inorganic concrete binder. Engineered for the demanding environments of car parks and warehouses, this innovative binder enhances durability, resists wear, and ensures a long-lasting finish, making it the ideal choice for projects that require strength and longevity.



Kit size:
15 L
Optimal coverage:
5 m²/L

Inorganic Formulation: X550 Carpark Warehouse is crafted with a proprietary silicate siliconate water based formulation, providing superior resistance to weathering, chemicals, and UV exposure.

Enhanced Durability: Fortify your concrete surfaces against the rigors of heavy traffic, ensuring they withstand the test of time with resilience.

Low Maintenance: Experience peace of mind with reduced maintenance needs, as X550 Carpark Warehouse maintains its integrity and performance over the long term.

Versatile Application: Tailored for car parks and warehouses, this concrete binder is suitable for various concrete surfaces, from ramps to loading bays.

Quick Curing: With rapid curing times, minimize downtime and swiftly return your treated surfaces to regular use.

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Shipping category
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17 kg
28 cm
29 cm
28 cm

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