GFRC Premix Bags

Simplify the process of mixing superior Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) with Alpha GFRC Premix, a preblended bag of concrete designed for convenience without compromising quality. This premix embodies innovation, featuring a range of essential GFRC ingredients such as curing polymer, water reducer, defoamer, and wetting agents. From countertops to intricate architectural elements, Alpha GFRC Premix ensures your creations cure to a flawless bone white, radiating strength and sophistication.



Comprehensive Preblending: Alpha GFRC Premix takes the complexity out of GFRC mixing. With essential ingredients preblended, including curing polymer, water reducer, defoamer, and wetting agents, you will achieve consistent and reliable results every time.

Bone White Finish: Achieve a timeless bone white finish with every cure. Alpha GFRC Premix ensures that your creations exhibit a classic colour, providing a neutral canvas for a range of design possibilities. This provides a solid base from which you can add colouration using iron oxide pigments.

Enhanced Workability: Benefit from the water reducer and wetting agents integrated into the premix, enhancing workability and ensuring optimal flow and placement of the concrete during casting.

Versatile Applications: Whether you’re a seasoned artisan or a DIY enthusiast, Alpha GFRC Premix adapts to various applications, from countertops to decorative elements, offering versatility in design.

Additives Available: Simply add our glass fibres to meet your strength and thickness requirements. You can also apply water reducer to further modify the cure times to best suit your project needs.

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